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Dear Investor:

Are you aware that studies historically prove that LOW-PRICED STOCKS (LPS) greatly outperform the BIG-CAP's? Investors in LPS make more money simply because they own more shares and because the percentage of swings (long-term or trading) are greater than the large capitalization stocks.

A company whose stock is selling under $10 has a greater growth potential to double or quadruple in price than a company whose stock is selling at $50 or $75. America was built on small, growth-oriented companies, which have rewarded the astute investor with a diversified LPS portfolio many times over.

Consistently rated as one of the best performing Low Priced Stock market letters in the nation.

For nearly 3-decades., The KonLin Letter has succesfully predicted:

  • The start of the Bull Market in 1982
  • The plunge in interest rates from 21-1/2%
  • The drop in inflation
  • The great gold and silver slide
  • The 1987 market crash/correction
  • The 1998 "Selling Climax"
  • The 1990 bottom "fear is bullish"
  • The Y2K non-event
  • The deflationary spiral
  • The bull market of 2003l
  • The stealth 7 year super bull market in small-caps.
  • The financial meltdown.
  • The bear market of 2001

If you seek aggressive growth let The KonLin Letter help you meet your investment objectives. Small-Caps are the place to be.

The KonLin Letter is the place to find them.

The KonLin Letter also provides guidance to key questions like these:

Will interest rates continue to rise in the months ahead?

  • Is the market poised for a spectacular crash?
  • Will the price of gold take a tumble?
  • Are we about to take off with runaway inflation?
  • How can you make money on select low-priced stocks...?