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Stocks with proven potential for exceeding 32 times the profits of the S&P 500!

Anyone who tells you that large-caps are the safe haven of conservative investing is simply not paying attention to financial realities. Conventional thinking also asserts large-caps offer more consistent returns. Not true! The best case I can make for large caps is liquidity, and that's nothing more than a risky savings account!

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Konrad Kuhn Konrad Kuhn, Publisher of the Konlin Letter

Konrad J. Kuhn, is the Publisher of the KonLin Letter, and the recipient of The 2011 National Small Public Company Leadership Council Annual Award. .


THE KONLIN LETTER is a unique service that recommends 5 low-priced stock selections each month including a FEATURED STOCK OF THE MONTH, and reviews 30-35 different small caps while monitoring a broad range of technical indicators for the best possible Market Timing Advice.

We specialize in LOW PRICE STOCKS under $10, with emphasis on emerging growth and special situations poised for explosive price appreciation. Specific BUY and SELL recommendations are provided with technical and fundamental analysis on all small cap stocks reviewed until positions are closed.

Our opinions and conclusions have always been stated clearly — there has never been a need to "translate" our market calls. We are frequently quoted by the media and many publications, and are noted for our TECHNICAL ANALYSIS and our FEATURED STOCK OF THE MONTH.


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