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Here's where I find stocks with proven potential for exceeding 32 times the profits of the S&P 500!

Anyone who tells you that large-caps are the safe haven of conservative investing is simply not paying attention to financial realities.

Conventional thinking also asserts large-caps offer more consistent returns. Not true! The best case I can make for large caps is liquidity, and that's nothing more than a risky savings account!

While it's true that large-caps plod along with less volatility, they do not generate more profit. They're simply a safe picking ground for amateurs and mutual fund churning.

For the individual investor who pays attention, small-cap, value-oriented stocks are where you can ALWAYS earn the greatest returns.

79 years of stock market history proves it by a stunning margin.

In a recently published academic study, small-cap, value-oriented stocks trounced the S&P 500 in the long haul more than 32-to-one!

What's more, in any short run, small caps overwhelmingly beat large-caps, even when comparing the worse-performing years.

  • Pick ANY 10-year block of time since July 1927 and compare small-cap value gains with the S&P 500 in the same period, and small-cap value wins 84% of the time.
  • Pick ANY 20-year period, and small-cap value wins 100% of the time!
  • Or make it quick. Pick ANY 5-year period, and small-cap value wins 69% of the time.

If this doesn't blow the myth of Large-Cap investing, I don't know what will!

That's especially true now within the Secular Bear Market, which has seen Low-Priced Stocks pulverize their Large-Cap brethren.

I continue to advise my readers to purchase select Low-Priced Stocks I've analyzed and recommended in The KonLin Letter. However, there is a problem. Nothing goes up forever!

Nearly 80 years of market history has proven that the Low-Priced Stock Arena, with special situations regularly featured in The KonLin Letter, could build tremendous wealth.

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Konrad Kuhn

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